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User’s Choice: We Just Pushed 16 Enhancements Requested by You

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Updated Apr. 24, 2020
Published Jan. 25, 2016

We love our customers.

The #1 reason we exist as a business is to make our customers successful. We are relentless about providing an exceptional experience, which is why customer feedback is so critical. What makes us different as an organization? Our passion for the customer, ability to understand their needs, and speed executing on these needs.

The Salesloft engineering team moves fast. How fast? Just last week we pushed 9 new big releases in 7 days. This week we were hyper-focused on tackling the highest user-requested enhancements to make your lives easier, more efficient, and ultimately, more successful.

In order to do that, we focused on 16 feature enhancements inspired by these three key benefits:

1. To Produce More Creative and Personalized Emails

2. To Encourage Faster Decision Making

3. To Make Salesloft Easier to Use

How do we create ways for users to send more creative and personalized emails?

The #1 request by our users on the idea exchange was hyperlinked images on emails, templates, and signatures. DONE! Then came email dynamic tags for “timezone” and companies, because when creating an email template, it’s critical to be quick, intentional, and empowered. Dynamic tags allow users to insert fields specific to their people into emails and templates, allowing for the copy to be more dynamic — with minimal effort.

How can we help Sales Development Reps make faster decisions?

From providing new Live Feed updates and note editing, to giving the user abilities like changing the person stage on call steps based on disposition and company name sorting on cadence steps, these enhancements were designed to speed up the user’s decision making process.

Alongside those enhancements were filter and sort summaries on the Cadence and Company List Views and visible In-line email template analytics — both created with user agility in mind.

How do we make the product even easier to use?

One way: help user admins manage the number of emails that users can send given the increased email send limit. Other ways included activity enhancements like pagination of activity tab on people, deleting a “success” on a specific person page, and warnings when imported people have no email address listed.

Some of our favorite enhancements were just simple UX improvements, such as confirmation notification relocation (way less annoying now), email tag error messages, and a back button on person and company profile view.

All of that being said: these enhancements were created for you — the user.

Using agile methodology, we strive to deliver value to the customer as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means there are things we’ve overlooked, but lucky for us, we have a passionate customer base.

By staying close to our customers, having empathy for their needs, and having the resources to execute, we are excited to share our most recent enhancements.

You asked, we listened.

Our product team just finished week two of a 4-week push to deliver more value than ever to you, our customers. Last week we pushed out 9 new features in 7 days, and this week (in addition to working on a few more big releases) we’re extremely excited about these 16 user-requested enhancements.

tl;dr — Here are the 16 user-requested enhancements:

  • Increased send limit
  • Live Feed updates
  • Hyperlinking images
  • Editing a note
  • Sorting by company name on a cadence step
  • Changing person stage on a call step
  • Template analytics shown by default
  • Confirmation notifications relocation
  • Email dynamic tag “timezone”
  • Email dynamic tags for Companies
  • Email tag error messages
  • Pagination of activity tab on people for increased speed
  • Filter and sort summaries on the Cadence and Company list views
  • Warning on import when a person has no email address
  • Deleting a success on a person
  • Back button on person and company profile view