About Geopointe

Headquartered in Orange, California, Geopointe is the leading geo-location application available on the SalesForce App Exchange. Geopointe integrates with SalesForce and provides analytical insights by applying geography to business processes. Beyond geographic searching and analytics, Geopointe provides actionable data that helps plan business activities and travel to better expand go-to-market efforts and serve customers.

We spoke with Will Dhanasunthorn, head of sales development at Geopointe about what prompted him to seek tool for increased sales development efficiency: “I was brought on at Geopointe as the first sales development rep (SDR). There was someone before me, it was determined they weren’t a good fit. When I joined, I learned the way they had been doing things and I discovered some major pain points.”

With a creative and analytical mind, Will was focused on implementing more metrics to measure the success of the team. “I like to use numbers to back up decisions. In general, I’d consider myself metrics-driven.”

The Challenge: Speeding Up a Cumbersome, Manual SDR Process

Charged with growing the sales development team at Geopointe, Will knew something had to be done. “After being engulfed in the process early on, it was clear that there was no way we were going to grow our team using the process in place today.”

When Will began to grow his team and got to his second hire, it was clear they needed more tools to manage the growth of their team. “When there was three of us, I realized we needed a productivity tool. We were just using SalesForce at that point, and after watching a SalesLoft webinar, I said we need this right now.”

Relying on SalesForce and its manual task management was a big hurdle for Will and his team’s productivity. “We were using SalesForce primarily and their manual task management, and we wanted to get rid of tasks. Manually logging in calls is so cumbersome, and we had no standardized way of entering our tasks. SalesForce was working against us: it was distracting and taking away from time when we could be making more calls.”

The Solution: Applying SalesLoft to their Existing Sales Development Process

Implementing SalesLoft took Will and his team less than a day. “It only took me a few hours to get SalesLoft up and running,” explained Will. “Training team members on how to use it only took a couple of hours.”

The only thing we had to change was the tool that we used.

“We didn’t have to change our process, our scripts, or our messaging to implement and use SalesLoft effectively. We use all the bells and whistles of SalesLoft, especially the email features and the local dialer.”

Will’s team quickly saw results from their implementation of SalesLoft: “Even in the beginning it was clear that SalesLoft was generating positive results.”

The Results: Increased Call Attempts and Qualified Appointments

The first metric Will noticed was the number of dial attempts. “In the month prior to our implementation of SalesLoft, we had about 300 dials out from our team. After we implemented SalesLoft, that number tripled to 900, with the same team members and the same sales development process.”


“The whole reason our team is here is to book appointments,” Will emphasized. “And after two months of using SalesLoft, our team has more than doubled the number of booked appointments.”

Outside of the day-to-day sales development process, making his team more efficient provided some ancillary benefits to Will and his SDR team. “As we’ve grown our pipeline and customer base, we’re participating at more events. With the added productivity SalesLoft provides, our team is able to follow-up with thousands of leads in the couple of weeks following an event. We’re more confident in our process.”

For Will, it wasn’t hard to get executive buy-in for SalesLoft when looking at the results.

For basically the equivalent of one SDR salary per month for our SalesLoft investment, we were able to double the productivity of our entire team. We’re able to do much more with the number of SDRs we have today.