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Creating An Interactive SDR Community with Michael Gagliano and Charlie Locke

December 1, 2020

Michael Gagliano is Senior Director of Sales at #paid and Charlie Locke is VP of Sales at HiMama. But today, we’re learning about SDR Nation, their online community where SDRs can receive career advice and coaching from sales leaders hand-selected by Charlie and Michael. In this tag-team episode, Charlie and Michael discuss the difference between dreams and goals, the mission behind SDR Nation, and erasing the stigma of being a salesperson.

Aly Merritt, Head of Community at Salesloft, joins as guest host. Charlie, Michael, Aly, and Jeremey also talk about the SDR Nation experience and what makes a good coach.

I think a good coach is someone that can do good discovery with the rep themselves, but also expose their own weaknesses. In doing so, they make themselves relatable so that you can have a conversation that’s actually full of the truth.
-Charlie Locke, VP of Sales at HiMama

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

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