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Going Beyond Personalization to Make Authentic Connections with Nick Casale

September 29, 2020

Nick Casale is Director of Sales at Sendoso, a sending platform for account-based everything. In this podcast, Nick and Jeremey talk about whether effective personalization at scale is possible and what it means to go beyond personalization.

Listen in as they discuss better ways to engage prospects, the importance of leading with authenticity and empathy, how to approach direct mailing when prospects are working remotely, and more.

I think the future of how we work and how we meet, right. Not going to get on a plane to go meet a buying committee, not going to shake hands at a conference. So I think businesses are going to have to get very creative with how they deploy their marketing dollars over the next 18 months. And I think that that is going to drive a lot of innovation. -Nick Casale

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

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