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Tying Sales and Marketing Together with Rich Liu and Meagen Eisenberg {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

December 12, 2019

Having a CRO and a CMO in one interview is a golden opportunity to talk about sales and marketing alignment, and Jeremey does exactly that in this episode of the Hey Salespeople Podcast.

CMO Meagen Eisenberg and CRO Rich Liu of the corporate travel management platform, TripActions discuss best practices for tying sales and marketing together.

The trio starts by questioning the legitimacy of the topic, and it only gets more nuanced and interesting from there. You won’t want to miss this one.

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Listen here, and keep reading for some of the highlights from this episode below.

What Is TripActions?

Jeremey: Rich is the CRO of TripActions. And Meagen is the CMO. They both have some pretty rich pedigrees, Rich came by way of MuleSoft, Facebook and other companies that you’ve certainly heard of ditto for Meagen.

She was the CMO of MongoDB and also was at DocuSign. Before that, she’s also an advisor and board member of a lot of companies and as I mentioned, they work for TripActions. That’s a corporate travel management platform.

We don’t do a lot of explanation of what companies do. But what does it mean to be a corporate travel management platform? Meagen, maybe you can take that one.

Meagen: Sure. We’re all about taking the pain out of business travel, we deliver an amazing experience to our travelers and the travel managers that run these programs.

Three things that define us are unrivaled choice and inventory, powerful personalization delivering what the traveler really wants when booking a trip.

And then we have proactive, global travel agents there to really support and make sure you get to where you’re going.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Jeremey: Since I got a CRO and a CMO on it’s a golden opportunity to talk about sales and marketing alignment.

It’s a topic that I have thus far actually avoided on the podcast because I go to a lot of conferences or I’ll go to a lot of different sessions around either the city I live in or elsewhere and it’ll be like a group of salespeople talking about sales, marketing alignment, or I used to be a CMO myself, and then I would go to marketing conferences where they would talk about it.

And the conversation, I just felt a little bit kind of weird and cliche. So my first question for you is, now that I’ve got both a CRO and a CMO on the line, and this will be our topic of the day, but I’m question legitimacy of the topic.

What do you guys think about this whole sales and marketing alignment? Thing is, is it a real issue?

Richard: I’ve been at companies where we’ve had great sales and marketing alignment, and I put TripActions into that category. And ones where we haven’t.

At a very tactical level, the difference is, you know, do you have someone throwing leads over a wall and salespeople complaining about the leads and not really actually calling them and selling to them? And then they’re sort of the beating each other up at the threshold?

That actually does exist. I’ve actually seen that in companies and it’s just not a healthy thing overall. And it’s actually pretty nuanced when you get it working the right way, right?

It’s actually not good to have zero tension. Meagen and I have plenty of debate and how we work together and usually what ends up happening is we reach a better outcome than what we were both walking in with and that’s a really powerful thing when both sides just know they’re attached hip in success and failure and know that each of us is going to push each other hard to go think creatively think differently and support the broader mission.

I think it’s absolutely a valid topic, I think it’s just really important to really get below the surface level tactics that I think we usually get through when we tackle the topic at a really high level

THERE’S A LOT MORE AFTER THIS! Listen to the full podcast for more.

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