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Effectively execute account-based strategies, manage opportunities from creation to close, and expand strategic accounts.

Get 20% sales productivity gain with SalesLoft*.

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*According to The Total Economic Impact™ Of SalesLoft, a February 2019 study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SalesLoft.

SalesLoft is organized and integrates into all systems that are needed for sales and more. SalesLoft allows me to organize my work flow into cadences which brings more structure and organization into lead flow.

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What Makes a Top-Performing Account Executive?

Read the research to learn what makes successful AEs different.

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Day 1

Data Integrity, Social Follow, Leave VM, Email

Day 2

Email, Social Connect

Day 4

Email, Meeting

Day 5

Social Connect

Day 12

Data Integrity, Text

Day 15

Email, Social Share

Day 16

Text, Meeting

Day 19

Email, Meeting

  • SalesLoft empowers reps to work in applications they’re already wired to work in, with industry-leading CRM and email integrations.

  • With SalesLoft Mobile reps can take action, manage contacts, and track opportunity engagement, all from their mobile devices.

  • SalesLoft Connect is more than a Chrome extension – reps can work wherever they are on the web, from their email, or Salesforce.

  • Engage customers where they are. Whether it’s LinkedIn, email, phone, text, or mobile, SalesLoft integrates with them all.

  • Coach to constantly improve and replicate top performers with versatile Conversation Intelligence that records and transcribes meetings, and adds a layer of deep analysis for unprecedented insight.

  • Measure how your top accounts are engaging with website tracking, lead scoring, social, and company news feeds.

  • Use playbooks to guide prospects through the buying process and offer thought leadership and insights, even if the time to buy isn’t now.

  • Build a referral network by keeping in touch with contacts beyond the deal cycle.

  • Stay connected with prospects that you didn’t win (yet), with workflows that educate and inspire, so you can stay top of mind until the next buying cycle.

SalesLoft on SalesLoft: Account Executive

Account Executives, Account Managers, Field and Full-Cycle Reps must become experts at time management, team alignment, and post-meeting engagement. Learn how SalesLoft can help you master all three to provide your customers with a seamless buying experience.

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Take the guesswork out of inbound and outbound prospecting.

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Efficiently and effectively drive opportunities to close.

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Connect when it counts, for impactful customer experiences at every stage.

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