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Virtual Customer Summit

Hosted on March 16, 2021

Turning Data Into Deals

Driving Next Best Actions with Data-Powered Decisions

Customers, this one’s for you. Now available on-demand, listen (and learn) from other customers who are wildly successful using the Salesloft platform, and get a guided tour of the Spring 2021 product innovations and what they mean for your sales team. Are you ready to dominate?


Product Keynote

Driving Customer Performance with Salesloft
Frank Dale, SVP of Product Development
Alexandria Snow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Albert Rhee, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Ezenwa Onukwue, Sales Engineer

Videos On-Demand

Soup to Nuts: How to Build a Lethally Performing Cadence Leveraging the Power of Personalization
Becc Holland, CEO & Founder, Flip the Script

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Watch: Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Sales Plays
Watch: Personalization at Scale

Closing Deals with Data: A Tale of 3 Revenue Leaders Using Salesloft
Kelly North, VP of Sales, Beam Dental
Kyle Norton, Head of Revenue, Canada, Shopify
Allye O’Brien, Director of RevOps, Chief
Jasmine Rencher, Sr. RevOps Analyst, Salesloft

Coach to Close-Win: The Jordan Rules for Sales
Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, JB Sales Training
Jordan Arogeti, Senior Account Executive, Financial Services, Salesloft

Sneak Peek into the Salesloft Labs
Jeremey Donovan, SVP of Sales Strategy, Salesloft

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Partner Showcase: 6sense
Van Miner, Sales Development Manager, 6sense

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Partner Showcase: Seismic
Lindsay Lemieux, Sr. Director, Mid-Market Sales, Seismic

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Partner Showcase: Sendoso
Cody Farmer, Integrations Product Manager, Sendoso

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Salesloft Partner Super Session

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Look Who's Talking

Becc Holland
CEO & Founder at Flip the Script
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Morgan Ingram
Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Training
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Allye O'Brien
Director of RevOps at Chief
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Kelly North
VP of Sales at Beam
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Kyle Norton
Head of Revenue, Canada at Shopify
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Lindsay Lemieux
Sr. Director, Mid Market Sales at Seismic
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Van Miner
Sales Development Manager at 6sense
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Cody Farmer
Integrations Product Manager at Sendoso
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Jeremey Donovan
SVP of Sales Strategy at Salesloft
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Frank Dale
Senior Vice President of Product at Salesloft
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Jordan Arogeti
Senior Account Executive, Financial Services at Salesloft
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Jasmine Rencher
Senior Revenue Operations Analyst at Salesloft
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Alexandria Snow
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesloft
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Albert Rhee
Albert Rhee
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesloft
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Ezenwa Onukwue
Sales Engineer at Salesloft
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