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EMEA Virtual Sales Summit

Hosted on 5 May, 2021

Modern Moves for Massive Revenue Growth

While the world transformed over the past year, one thing became very clear: the way we sell has forever changed. Now available on-demand, check out the sessions from our Summit focused on the modern sales experience in EMEA. We cover everything from prospecting best practices to team dynamics and the impact of technology on sales.


Opening Keynote

The Future of Sales in EMEA: How Sales Tech is Transforming Results

Kyle Porter, Founder & CEO, Salesloft

Videos On-Demand

The Digital Buyer: How to Shift your Strategy
Isabel Delgado, Head of Enterprise, Central Europe and Latin America, LinkedIn
Henrique Moniz de Aragão, General Manager EMEA, G2

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The Employee Journey: Setting Your Sales Team Up for Success
Shabri Lakhani, Founder & CEO, SalesWorks
Anup Khera, CRO, Smarp

Mental Wellbeing in Sales: Building a Culture that Cares
Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue EMEA, Salesloft
Simon Scott-Nelson, CEO, Wellity
Sadie Restorick, COO, Wellity

Data-Driven Prospecting: What Metrics Matter
Jeremey Donovan, SVP, Sales Strategy, Salesloft
Owen Richards, Founder & CEO, Air Marketing

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A Fireside Chat with Thibaut Ceyrolle
Thibaut Ceyrolle, EMEA Founder, Snowflake
Marcus Oulds, RVP of Sales, EMEA, Salesloft

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Thibaut Ceyrolle
EMEA Founder, Snowflake
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Isabel Delgado
Head of Enterprise, Central Europe and Latin America, LinkedIn
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Henrique Moniz de Aragao
General Manager EMEA, G2
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Shabri Lakhani
Founder & CEO, SalesWorks
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Simon Scott-Nelson
CEO, Wellity
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Anup Khera
CRO, Smarp
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ollie sharpe
Ollie Sharpe
VP of Revenue EMEA, Salesloft
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Owen Richards
Founder & CEO, Air Marketing
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Kyle Porter CEO Salesloft
Kyle Porter
Founder & CEO, Salesloft
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Sadie Restorick
COO, Wellity
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Jeremey Donovan
SVP of Sales Strategy, Salesloft
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Marcus Oulds
RVP of Sales, EMEA, Salesloft
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