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This package is designed for teams focused on lead generation. Prospect offers everything you need for prospecting. Book more meetings and build a stronger pipeline.

Prospect Package from Salesloft

Is Anybody Out There?

Too often, prospecting feels like putting a message in a bottle and hoping to hear back. In a sea of emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn messages, it can be hard to stand out to your prospects. Reps need to create personalized sales prospecting experiences, but doing that effectively takes time.

The other common challenge reps face? Managing their workday in multiple disconnected tools and systems. Their time disappears into a black hole.


Guesswork, Be Gone. Learn What Works, Fast.

A data-driven and automated multi-channel approach to efficient sales prospecting helps reps quickly understand what works and what doesn’t. Plus, reps can start and run their entire day in a single app, while all of their activity is seamlessly synced to the CRM.

Salesloft helps your team connect with buyers faster and more often across email, phone, social and more, without sacrificing the one-to-one personalized experience buyers want, so you can stand out in a sea of sameness.

The result? Sellers convert more leads to opportunities faster.

What's Included in Prospect
Cadence + Automation

Guide reps through the sales process. Take the guesswork out of pipeline generation, lead nurture, and customer renewals.

Dialer + Messenger

One-click dialing from anywhere with built-in live coaching tools, plus one-to-one SMS texting.

Analytics + Reporting

Collect activity and outcome data. Pinpoint what generates the best results.

Standard Platform Features

Sales Email

Scale quality, personalized email communication and make every conversation count.


Book meetings faster with calendar sharing and automation, making scheduling easy.

Mobile App Access

Harness the power of Salesloft anywhere, with calls and notes logged and synced to your CRM.

CRM Sync

Get rid of double data entry and let reps work where they want, with automatic activity logging and syncing to your CRM.


Accelerate your sales success with 170+ integration partners.
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Security + Governance

We take security seriously at Salesloft.
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