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The modern way to drive predictable revenue for the entire revenue team.

The secret to better forecasting is not just calling a number. It’s having an action plan to deliver on it.

By combining AI with real-time human insight, Forecast, part of Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace™, gives revenue teams the confidence to call their number and the seamless workflow to deliver on it consistently.

Call Confidently, Deliver Consistently

True Pipeline Visibility

Stop spending hours questioning revenue teams to uncover what’s happening with a deal.

Real-time pipeline visibility enables revenue teams to easily see what’s changed week-to-week and drill into opportunities to get real-time insights on deal health and buyer engagement.

Own Your Call

Stop submitting forecast call numbers that you don’t believe in.

Triangulate a call number you and your revenue teams feel confident in based on your reps’ forecast, what’s closed/won, and Salesloft’s revolutionary AI Forecast, which helps you spot missed opportunities to close deals and win more revenue.

Act Now

Stop thinking of forecasting as just calling a number.

It’s a set of actions you can take to deliver better results. Now, revenue teams can identify risks in the pipeline, take action to address them, and win more deals – all from one platform.

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