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Email Prospecting 3 Data Influenced Best Practices

Powering Your Sales Success

Improve prospecting performance with data-driven insights around email personalization, how many channels and touches you should be using to optimize response and engagement, and tips to increase inbound performance.

Build Pipeline

Day 1

Data Integrity, Social Follow, Leave VM, Email

Day 2

AM Dial, PM Dial

Day 4

AM Dial, Email

Day 5

Social Connect

Day 7

Email, Leave VM

Day 11

AM Dial, Email

Day 12

PM Dial

Day 16

Leave VM, Email, Move To Nurture

  • Salesloft automatically routes leads, assigns them to a rep, and adds them into recommended communication workflows called Cadences.
  • Work within your preferred email tool, CRM, or browser. Salesloft works where you work with CRM and inbox integrations, and a Chrome extension.
  • Salesloft tracks seller activity and prospect engagement and automatically syncs to your systems, which reduces admin time and improves focus.
  • Workflows guide reps through their processes while allowing them the flexibility to adjust. Activities are synced back to the CRM contact and account records so you have better customer interaction data.
  • Salesloft notifies reps in real time when prospects are engaging, so they can better prioritize their activity based on lead scoring or activity type.
  • Calendar integration provides easy scheduling of meetings directly, while round-robin meetings allow SDRs to easily setup prospect meetings with Account Executives.
  • Workflows and playbooks guide new sellers through prospecting, while templates and snippets ensure consistent messaging for both newer and tenured reps.
  • Quickly onboard new reps by building libraries of recorded calls and virtual meetings, on demand, within Salesloft.
  • Give real-time coaching in both calls and virtual meetings and respond to real-time requests for help in active calls.
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Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace™ lets reps start and run their entire day in a single app, while all activities are automatically syncs back to the CRM. See how to book more meetings, build stronger pipeline, and convert more leads to opportunities.

Generate Pipeline

Take the guesswork out of inbound and outbound prospecting.

Manage Deals

Efficiently and effectively drive opportunities to close.

Engage Customers

Connect when it counts, for impactful customer experiences at every stage.

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