Finally, Modern Sales Email.

Email is a component of every customer acquisition process, but Sales Email is different. SalesLoft is the only platform built for scalable, empathetic, high-tempo, and customer-centric communications with your buyers.

Real, Human Email from Any Platform

Connect to your mail server to ensure greater deliverability and increased personalization. Every email is sent directly from you, “one-to-one.” Receive notifications on opens, clicks, and responses. Activate the live feed to monitor email activity and respond faster using a paired sales dialer.


Work the way you want. Send tracked emails from right inside your Gmail application.


Microsoft Outlook user? SalesLoft integrates directly into Outlook as well.


No need to switch between programs. Send email from directly inside Salesforce.

email tracking clients

Enhance Sales Emails Through a Communication Cadence

Build a strategic orchestration for regular and targeted sales correspondence, injected with personalization along the way. Deploy cadences to create multichannel touch point models catered to your buyer personas. With preset activities baked into the process, never miss a chance to connect with your prospects via phone and email.


“We’ve seen a 179% increase in quality conversations after implementing SalesLoft.”

-Steven Broudy, Head of Account Development, MuleSoft



The Best Email Tracking Around, Period.

Email is the cornerstone of every modern sales organization. But the batch and blast days of email are over. Today’s sales email needs to be intelligent, tailored, and timely. SalesLoft provides the best email tracking in the industry, allowing you to tailor your approach based on user behavior, so you always reach out at the perfect time.

Rich Context for Every Email

The key to intelligent, personalized email is true understanding of an email’s context. Sending an email and sitting around hoping for a reply isn’t going to get you there. SalesLoft offers IP geolocation features and browser type detection so you not only understand who you’re emailing, but when an email is opened, how it’s being read, and where it’s being viewed.

Industrial Grade Reply Detection

SalesLoft was built with the best technical architecture for server-level reply detection in the industry. Our reply processing pipeline ingests and analyzes millions of emails each and every day.

Indirect Reply Tracking

SalesLoft detects when an email reply comes from the same person, but a different email address with varying email pattern.

Direct Reply Tracking

SalesLoft detects when an email reply comes directly from the same email it was sent to. (That's table stakes.)

Forward Reply Detection

SalesLoft's reply detection is so state-of-the-art, it even knows when an email reply comes from a colleague who was forwarded the original email.

Use Smart Templates to Leverage Insights That Convert

Leverage your own templates or team templates from wherever you’re working. SalesLoft gives you the power to personalize a group of emails and tap into fields in Salesforce (including custom fields) to tailor each message with dynamic tags. Leverage the SalesLoft ecosystem of partners like Owler and CrystalKnows to gather insights and quickly inject them into your messaging.

SalesLoft takes Salesforce to a New Level

You spend your day in Salesforce, and with advanced integration, SalesLoft allows you to communicate efficiently and effectively, without ever leaving Salesforce.
Salesforce Integration

Email Tracking

All emails sent through SalesLoft are automatically recorded as activities in Salesforce. No manual updating — just one cohesive view of your activity.

Work In Salesforce

Send emails and make phone calls directly from your Salesforce application. No switching between programs.

Data Accuracy

Leverage the 15 custom activity fields out of the box, such as email activity counts and cadence identifiers for deep insights into every activity.

A Staggering Level of Personalization

If your idea of personalization is inserting a lead’s name into an email, you’re still living in the dark ages. SalesLoft allows you to personalize your messages down to the tone a prospect responds best to, or relevant news that happened that day. And you can do it at scale.
SalesLoft Integrations

Personalization, Down to the Word

Everyone responds best to their own tone and style. SalesLoft allows you to construct email message with the right message and tone using predictive intelligence. The SalesLoft Sales Email engine gives you the psychological profile of your contacts, coaching you to get their attention, suggesting alternative email copy, and allowing you to win their trust and earn their business.

Always Current. Always Relevant.

Good email personalization is all about delivering value. The SalesLoft sales email engine automatically surfaces relevant news and social insights about your leads, and allows you to insert them directly into your sales emails. It’s your own private research team, delivering personalization, at scale, for every single lead.


“We’ve created a predictable and repeatable sales process while increasing pipeline generated per rep by 100%.”

-J.J. Kardwell, President & Co-Founder, Everstring



Timezone Detection

Every modern sales professional knows that timing is everything. Use automatic timezone detection to trigger your next communication so you always reach out at the right time, every time.



Personalize your emails by attaching documents, pricing plans, and other files to your SalesLoft emails. Users can add attachments to any template, one-off email, or cadence email.


Scheduled Send

Schedule emails to be delivered at the time of your choosing based on your prospects specific timezone. No other solution in the market allows for this level of empathy with your communications.

Account-Based Sales & Sales Development

Convert Target Accounts into Customer Accounts Through an Account-Based Process.

Playbook Cadences

Automate your account-based plays and playbooks with email Cadences that can be shared across your team, personalized by account, and continually optimized.

Account Tiering

Balance personalization with automation. Tier your accounts and prioritize your personalization efforts on top-tier accounts, while automating lower-tier accounts, maximizing effectiveness and conversions.

Systematic Approach

Use SalesLoft’s email cadences to deliver messages to the right people within your accounts, at just the right time. With daily reminders, you’ll never drop the ball or miss an opportunity.

Email + Phone + Social = Modern Sales

Your customers are more connected than ever before, engaging across multiple channels. The modern sales organization can’t be confined to just one or two of those channels. SalesLoft provides the only true multichannel sales communication platform, helping to turn prospect accounts into customer accounts.

Engagement Triggers

Automation rules remove the need for manual lead assignment and execution. SalesLoft handles the heavy lifting for you, and gives you the flexibility to create automation rules to inject the right people into your workflow based on persona, field updates, activity, or account tier.

Advanced Email Analytics

Email is no longer a black box. Understand what’s working, and optimize your emails accordingly.

A/B Testing

Always be testing. Create variants of any step type, and auto-distribute messaging to uncover which you should double down on for the best conversions. A/B testing cadence steps through SalesLoft is a powerful way to drive your sales development strategy forward through the discovery of the most effective ways of connecting.


Open, Click, and Reply Tracking

What you don’t measure, you can’t improve. That’s why SalesLoft provides total transparency into how your emails are performing. At a glance, you’ll be able to understand how many people have opened your emails, clicked on your calls to action, or replied back.

We Believe in Sales

We believe in one another. We believe the values that unite our people also define and distinguish our solutions.

We believe in our customers. We believe each and every organization we help will be better equipped to deliver an unbelievable sales experience.

We believe in sales. We believe modernizing sales means helping people evolve the way they think about, support, and approach sales.

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